Covid 19 Update

Discover the latest update on how we are managing COVID-21 (Coronavirus)

In the light of the extremely fluid situation around Coronavirus COVID-19 we wanted to make it clear on how we are handling the situation and the duty of care to all our staff, customers and the community.

Our priority to our customers

We are here to support you and ensure you that we can provide uninterrupted service. Now we are in ‘lockdown’ all our staff are working from home. Inbound phone calls to our main number or DDIs are automatically redirected, you may occasionally end up at a voicemail system where you can leave a message which will be emailed to us.

What other firm firms are doing

You may have been too busy to think about adding a Coronavirus page to your website but take a look at what Harrowells and Buckles have done.

Our priority to our staff

To ensure all staff are mitigating the risk of the spread of Coronavirus to each other and the community we are asking everyone to follow the government guidelines regarding personal hygiene and anyone showing signs of a persistent cough or fever to self-isolate for 14 days.

We are doing daily ‘Huddle’ calls and keeping the whole team on the same page, as the situation develops. We also have a Slack communication group called #home-but-not-alone. Where all staff can share tips such as easy recipes, home working workouts, top film and TV recommendations or anything else so they don’t feel isolated and we also offer private coronavirus testing and covid-21

If you need any help

The Coronavirus will test us all, but as businesses we need to think long-term and keep building our brands, protecting our staff and honour our values. So, if you need any help, we are all here to support you.