Marketing Communications

So that’s the big question.

How does marketing communications impact your bottom line?

Obviously, communications have a large part to play in a successful business. They help ‘build brand awareness’, ‘get your message to a larger audience’ and ‘activate latent needs’ (whatever that last one means!). But how do you prove this has an effect on your profits?
Cognizant Media concentrates its efforts on precisely that. Using clever digital communications to improve your profitability. And we do this in 3, simple ways:

1. Increase the number (and quality) of your leads…

Profit comes from sales. Sales come from leads. Nice and easy.
Cognizant Media implements creative digital marketing communications to reach your audience – whatever audience you are reaching for! Sometimes you might want a new audience. Others, you might just want to communicate better with your current audience and this can be assisted by an SEO London campaign. We take the mystery away from digital communications, and help you to reach your audience and deliver more leads. Simple.
Want to know more?

2. Improve your conversion rate…

That’s the great thing about digital. Everything is trackable. Everything.
So we can track how your audience has interacted with your digital communication, and then how they interacted with you! We can identify if they visited your website and did what you wanted to do or not. And if they didn’t, we can look at improving the campaign so they do… all in real time! So no more waiting for a campaign to end to see if it’s successful.
Convert me!

3. Improving efficiency…

But never, ever at the expense of your customer!

Improving the efficiency of your team helps to achieve two goals: improving the customer experience and reducing wastage. Cognizant Media can identify they key systems and process improvements you can make to give your team the tools they need to improve your customer’s experience. This gives you a happy customer, and provides your team more time to concentrate on providing that experience – not working out how to deliver it.

Make us more efficient!